ProfessionalTaking the clients business requirements and creating comprehensive functional requirements. Touchbase Design Services consider the current state, the functional requirements and design technology solutions which allow the client to meet their business requirements in the most effective manner for the short, medium and long term.

Program Management

Helping clients manage multiple suppliers and projects working toward an established final outcome. This usually entails multiple technologies and partners with Touchbase overseeing the management of the Program, on behalf of the client, to specific and agreed upon deliverables.

Project Management

Focused on a specific Project, this will generally be Touchbase building the project plan and managing all aspects of it, on behalf of the client, to ensure it is delivered on time, on budget and above expectation.

Development & Integration

Bringing together disparate technologies to deliver a consistent user experience, or developing specific applications to deliver a client requirement.

Implementation Engineering 

Where Touchbase is engaged to deliver specific technologies, our implementation engineers are responsible for the commissioning and implementation of it within the clients environment, or in the cloud.