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Touchbase Advisory Services allow our clients to leverage Touchbase’s 20 years of knowledge in working with technology and how best to apply it to meet a specific business objective. Whilst the specific engagements undertaken are aligned to the clients needs, we have developed significant capability in the following areas. It should be noted that all of Touchbase’s Advisory activity is focused on providing value as quickly as possible to the client, and being accountable for the findings and recommendations that we make to each client. On this basis engagements are generally short, with key metrics and milestones to measure performance on a weekly basis.

UC & CC Transformation

This involves working with clients to help define their strategy around Unified Communications and/or Contact Center technology, and to build the business case for any investment required to transform the communication tools they provide to their users.

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Vendor Selection

Across any aspect of communications technology, this involves Touchbase working with the client to define requirements and then manage the vendor selection process from start to finish. An absolute focus on functional requirements, aligned to business needs, ensures that technology considered and selected is based on actual requirement rather than perceived or historic relationships.

Design Engagements

Much of Touchbase’s Advisory work is based on making what clients already have work better. To do this requires a tight definition of functional requirements, based on business need, which is then mapped to the current technology environment. Touchbase Advisors undertake this work for clients and produce a gap analysis which clearly shows the capability of what they have today and, as importantly, shows areas where they may need to invest.

Proof of Concept

For significant technology investments, especially with a new vendor, a proof of concept is often required. When engaged, Touchbase Advising provides a fully managed service around the vendor negotiation, PoC implementation, and its measurement against an agreed scorecard of requirements.

Focused Initiatives

Most clients have initiatives which are ongoing, or stalled, and which require focus and completion. Using its proven methodology, Touchbase Advising can help clients drive these initiatives from their current state to completion in the shortest possible time.

Process Efficiency

While productivity is talked about consistently when Unified Communications & Contact Center technology is being considered, the major value of this technology is in its ability to speed up the way business is done. To analyze and understand this properly requires companies to look at specific business processes and predict the impact of technology on each process. The majority of our consulting in this area is focused on the following key processes - High Value Sales, High Volume Customer Interaction, New Product Launch, R&D and Training & Development

Cost Reduction

There are several initiatives detailed here, which can help companies reduce their communications and networking costs considerably. Touchbase consulting is engaged by clients to define the level of savings available and detail the exact actions required for the client to take advantage of them. It is then common for Touchbase to help the client execute on the initiative and measure the savings on an ongoing basis.