Client Engagement Model

The Client Engagement Model, around which all of our Services are built, contains four logical areas to meet the needs of the client. They can be consumed in individual parts or as a full life cycle experience. Thus giving maximum flexibility to the client in how and where they utilize our capability.

The Client Engagement Model, including our Professional and Managed Services contained within it, is underpinned by a consistent and extremely successful methodology. This methodology, developed over 20 years of experience, allows Touchbase to maintain the highest client satisfaction levels regardless of the scale and complexity of the engagement that Touchbase is working on with them.


Validating clients business requirements and quantifying the impact that meeting them would have on the business. Touchbase Discover Services are completely manufacturer agnostic and focus purely on the clients current situation, the issues and implications associated with it, the overall requirements, and the user, technical and financial outcome if they meet those requirements.


Taking the clients business requirements and creating comprehensive functional requirements. Touchbase Design Services consider the current state, the functional requirements and design technology solutions which allow the client to meet their business requirements in the most effective manner for the short, medium and long term.


Building a detailed migration plan from current state to the agreed solution. Touchbase Deliver Services provide clients with a fully managed service around the execution of global, regional and local projects. Single point of accountability through exceptional Program & Project Management, along with Touchbase’s highly skilled engineering talent, ensure that any Deliver Service Touchbase commits to is delivered on time, on budget and above the client expectations.


Providing support and optimization services on a contracted basis governed by a service level agreement. Touchbase Optimize Services provide clients with a single point of accountability for the management and optimization of their technology. Highly skilled Engineers within our three Global Network Operations Centers are the first point of contact for all clients. Remote monitoring allows Touchbase to see events occur before they come issues, and our proactive optimization keeps systems current and operating seamlessly.