Client Engagement Model

Touchbase Engagement Model: Discover - Design - Deliver - Optimize

The Confidence to Guarantee

All of Touchbase services come with a Touchbase Results Guarantee. If a client is not happy with the way in which we have delivered on our services commitment and the way in which we have managed the inevitable challenges through any engagement, we give them their money back. This demonstrates the absolute confidence we have in our ability to deliver and ensures we only commit to do things which can actually be done.

No client is exactly the same or has the same services requirement. With this in mind Touchbase is extremely flexible on how it gets engaged with any client and views the smallest of engagements in the same way as we do the large and complex ones. If a client can leverage our skills, expertise, experience and coverage to meet their objectives then, no matter what the engagement, Touchbase is very happy to work on it. The only guarantee we will give you is that if it is something we are not confident in delivering on we will tell you quickly.

Over its 20 years of operation Touchbase has undertaken many thousands of projects across over 60 countries and provided design, implementation, support and optimization services to some of the  largest companies in the world.

From our own experience, working with industry standard such as PMI and ITIL, and drawing on Cisco’s PPDIOO process, we have constructed a set of services which help our clients:

  • Truly understand their business need and quantify the user, technology and financial outcome in delivering to it.
  • Design technology solutions which are completely aligned to the business need, based on Enterprise Class technology architectures which are simple to administrate and manage
  • Implement their technology solutions on time, within budget and above expectations anywhere in the world
  • Support and Optimize their technology on an ongoing basis to deliver an exceptional experience to their end users

The Client Engagement Model around which all our Services are built contains four logical areas to meet the needs of the client. They can be consumed in parts or as a full lifecycle experience giving maximum flexibility to the client in how and where they utilize our capability.

The Client Engagement Model, and the Professional and Managed Services contained within it, is underpinned by a consistent and extremely successful methodology. This methodology developed over 20 years of experience allows Touchbase to maintain the highest client satisfaction levels regardless of the scale and complexity of the engagement Touchbase is working on with them.