Touchbase believes strongly in its role as advisor to its clients. One of our primary functions is to constantly watch the technology market and make product decisions based on the best interests of our clients. We do not pursue any single manufacturer blindly, and are always monitoring new emerging technologies and ways of delivering them.

Our manufacturer selection is based upon five key criteria which we believe protects a client's investment. These are:

  • Vision – how compelling is the manufacturer's vision around the specific area of technology and are they leading the industry
  • Execution – what is their track record of delivering on their vision historically
  • Funding – do they have the necessary financial strength to fund the R&D required to keep products up to date and constantly developing for our clients
  • Technology – is the technology they produce Enterprise Class and does it deliver on its promises.
  • Alignment – do they work in the best interests of the client and have a strong customer service philosophy, and does their technology allow us to meet our objectives of Transforming the User Experience, Simplifying the Technology Environment, and Reducing Operating Costs

Touchbase uses these products in the solutions that it designs for its clients. We have deep experience in each area of technology and these specific products, which allows us to meet our client objectives of Transforming the User Experience, Simplifying the Technology Environment and Reducing Operating Expense.