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Software Defined Networks

Posted by Ryan Barnett on 29 July 2015

Notes from our Vice President of Technical Services

Traditionally the desire for stability in operations and agility in development do not align. The rapid innovation and updates in development exceed the ability of network systems to support them. Weeks could be needed to adjust a system of routers, switches and firewalls to support a new update which was deployed in minutes. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is combating this problem by increasing the responsiveness of operators in order to meet the growing demand of the changing industry.


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Happy Thanksgiving - Our November Newsletter is here!

Posted by Christine Haigh on 26 November 2013

Thank you to all of our readers - we hope you and your familes have a wonderful Holiday!


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October Newsletter from Touchbase is out!

Posted by Christine Haigh on 1 November 2013

Check out our October Newsletter - Lots of interesting articles and a chance to win a FREE iPad!  

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