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Collaboration Survey

Posted by on 18 August 2015

Want to win an Apple TV? Complete this short survey on how you currently utilize communications tools to be entered!

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Google Apps v. Office 365 summary: Which is better?

Posted by Christine Haigh on 9 October 2013

Do you agree with Ian's findings? 

I am sure many of you have played with Google apps at some point or another. After having changed over to Google myself, I am having a hard time agreeing with Ian on his reasons for liking Office. Let us know what you think! Send us a tweet @TouchbaseGlobal or fill in a comment below. 

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What is your company doing with Video?

Posted by Christine Haigh on 7 October 2013


According to a recent report by Gartner, the consumption of video on mobile devices for work-related purposes is on the rise. Whether employees are accessing video through smartphones, tablets or a laptop, we need to plan for enough bandwidth and networking capability to satisfy the high needs.

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Touchbase UC Program

Posted by Christine Haigh on 7 October 2013

Touchbase has put together a very straight forward, but unique, Unified Communications Transformation Program that has produced many fantastic results for organizations of all sizes. We have been very pleased with the findings and wanted to share that with our readers.


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