Former Cisco Executive, Barry O'Sullivan, brings Cisco UC and Contact Center Experience to new company, Altocloud

Posted by Christine Haigh on 27 February 2014

Altocloud, a new technology company with a mission of improving customer engagement and contact center experiences, today announced its formation and that senior Cisco communications executive Barry O’Sullivan has joined as co-founder and CEO. 

Read the whole press release, here. 

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Google apps to help in the Enterprise

Posted by Christine Haigh on 26 February 2014

Google should play nice with the Enterprise, right?  Well, if you are finding that difficult to believe then check out a few cool options for apps now available.

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Touchbase has Gone Google, Find out if it's right for you!

Posted by Christine Haigh on 16 December 2013

Touchbase, along with many of our clients, have switched to Google Apps for Business. We have a fully integrated collaborative environment that benefits multiple areas of our business from sales through to support. Not only have we recognized significant efficiencies and productivity improvement, but there has been a notable decrease in operational and infrastructure costs.

So, what is stopping you from moving to Google Apps for Business? For more information on how you can better collaborate and drive down costs, please download Google's Customer Perspectives on the Real Benefits of Google Apps for Business here. 

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Why I Love Video : Google Zeitgeist 2013

Posted by Eric Knudson on 16 December 2013

Video can not only be personally compelling, but it can benefit your organization.  Click here to see more...

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Why Go Google?

Posted by Christine Haigh on 12 December 2013

Our SVP of Solutions has Something to Say... 

Touchbase' primary objective is to optimize the way your business communicates. Cloud and collaboration tools are key vehicles to enable business transformation and differentiation. We constantly strive to partner with the market leading providers of these tools and platforms and are therefore very proud to announce our recent partnership with Google.

Click here for more from our SVP of Solutions >>

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Happy Thanksgiving - Our November Newsletter is here!

Posted by Christine Haigh on 26 November 2013

Thank you to all of our readers - we hope you and your familes have a wonderful Holiday!


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October Newsletter from Touchbase is out!

Posted by Christine Haigh on 1 November 2013

Check out our October Newsletter - Lots of interesting articles and a chance to win a FREE iPad!  

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Simplify, Save, Deliver.

Posted by Christine Haigh on 1 November 2013

The Right Technology Can Help Your Organization 

Notes from the CEO

Touchbase works with many clients all over the world and in my role, as CEO, I have the great privilege of meeting some amazing Executives. Regardless of the industry they operate in and the size of their company, everyone I have met has the same challenge –how does one improve the experience to their customer while driving down costs and simplifying the way in which they deliver it?

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Touchbase is Hiring!

Posted by Christine Haigh on 21 October 2013

Touchbase is looking for a Lead Generation Specialist for our LoDo office.

Looking for a position that could provide a jumpstart to a very successful career in sales or marketing? Are you trying to get involved with a company that continues to grow organically, both in its regional and global markets?

We are looking for a highly detail-oriented, organized, outgoing, and personable individual to directly support our Brand and Communications Manager and Solution Sales team in our LoDo office.

See more for details >>>

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Google Apps v. Office 365 summary: Which is better?

Posted by Christine Haigh on 9 October 2013

Do you agree with Ian's findings? 

I am sure many of you have played with Google apps at some point or another. After having changed over to Google myself, I am having a hard time agreeing with Ian on his reasons for liking Office. Let us know what you think! Send us a tweet @TouchbaseGlobal or fill in a comment below. 

Read the article here >>

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