Our Value

Touchbase has three clear objectives with every client that they work with – Transform the User Experience, Simplify the Technology Environment, and Reduce Operating Costs. Whilst we may not impact each of these areas in every engagement with a client, our overall focus in developing the relationship is to achieve all three over time.

Modern Unified Communications & Contact Center technologies have the ability to deliver on all three of Touchbase’s client objectives. There are major improvements to be gained in the user experience, significant existing operating costs that can be taken out when the technology is embraced, and centralized / virtualized systems make the technology environment so much simpler to support and manage – no matter how big or small the organizations.

Companies choose to work with Touchbase because:

  • We Specialize – Touchbase is not a technology generalist and whilst we have capability across networking, security and datacenter technologies, our real passion and focus is on communications technology and its impact on the business, user and technology team.
  • We are Global – for organizations that want to execute technology initiatives across multiple geographies a global partner is essential to ensure it is a success.
  • We are Consistent – whether clients deal with Touchbase in New York, London, Hong Kong, Sydney or elsewhere, they get exactly the same experience with common methodologies, culture and client obsession
  • We are Capable – 20 years of experience in communications technology and through working with some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies, have built deep capability into Touchbase’s skills and methodologies. Clients benefit from this where ever they work with us.
  • We have Happy Clients – all of Touchbase’s clients are reference-able and continue to work with us for the value we deliver to them.

Overall companies choose Touchbase because we are not so big that they become one of thousands, but we are not so small that we cannot handle their requirements. Over time we build amazing relationships at all levels of our clients and work day in and day out to deliver on our commitments to them whatever they may be.