Our Roles

To operate the business successfully and deliver consistently to our clients we have a range of roles which span all disciplines required for Touchbase to acquire new clients, develop existing clients, help understand business requirements, design perfect technology solutions, manage small and large scale Programs and Projects, engineer specific technologies to deliver on the business requirements, and support the technology on an ongoing basis.

New Business Development

The key role of this department is to bring new, qualified business to Touchbase and its partners. Marketing, Partner initiatives and Solution Sales are the main components to the department and contribute real value with their responsibility of achieving Touchbase Business plans. From the development of marketing communications strategy, to objectives for brand development, through to specific demand generation activities, the primary value in these roles are to ensure the marketing strategy is closely aligned to the global and regional sales plans. Working closely with Client Teams and the CEO, these roles drive significant new business opportunity for Touchbase globally.

Client Development

Client Development roles are essential to managing existing Clients and involved in, what is essentially a people business, operating in a hyper competitive and ever changing market. It is this complexity and challenge which our Client Developers thrive, and on a day to day basis, focus on the activities in support of, or overseeing of client satisfaction. To maximize the operational performance of a Client Team in line with the core activities of Touchbase – selling, designing, implementing, supporting and managing technology and being solely responsible for recruiting, retaining and developing people and clients and representing the Touchbase culture in every way.

Solution Analyst

Our Solution Analysts work with prospects or clients to broaden their understanding of how technology can be applied within their business to effect positive change. The Solution Analyst helps the client optimize the way in which they communicate internally and externally. They do this by gaining a deep understanding of the client business, how it works, where the issues are, how much it is spending and coming up with alternatives ways of working (incorporating Touchbase’s solutions) which deliver measurable business benefits. The Solution Analyst works with the sales people and the client by identifying need through analysis and investigation deep within the client organization. The outcome of their activity should be a clearly justified business case which links issue with need with technology with value with outcome.

Solution Architect

Solution Architects work closely with the Solution Analyst or Solution Sales Person to design detailed technical solutions, drawing on deep technical knowledge. The primary value of this role is to bring technical reality to the conceptual solution work of the Sales Person or Solution Analyst. Working with client’s existing technical landscape and building a detailed technical solution which meets the identified business objectives of the client, are at the core of the work that a Solution Architect undertakes. Engaging with clients and prospects at all levels to generate positive interest in the technologies we are working with and the business benefits that can be gained from the investment in these technologies.

Project & Program Manager

Project Management is one of the most demanding, yet rewarding, roles in Touchbase. The Project Manager interacts with people across the business from pre-sales through to finance. The primary value of this role is to simultaneously support, co-ordinate and manage the resource, time, budget and scope of a project to ensure that it is delivered in line with requirement and expectation set by Touchbase with the client in the sales process. Facilitating the initiation, planning, execution, control and closure of multiple projects at any one time, the role is highly pressured and necessitates a level headed and flexible approach whilst demonstrating an uncompromising level of commitment and focus on quality. The Project and Program Managers represent the moment of truth for the client on the commitments made to them and they are fundamental to the client experience Touchbase delivers.

Product Specialist

Touchbase Product Specialists are the technical specialist for the organization on the technology of choice. The primary value of this role is to accurately design client solutions, drawing on practical experience and technical acumen, which assist in the attainment of specific operational requirements and corporate objectives. Working closely with the Client Teams and Solution Analysts, the Product Specialist will develop the identified need from a conceptual solution through to a detailed design and configuration recommendation. In addition, the Product Specialist will also work across the Service Business globally assisting in complex deployment and support and actively driving knowledge share.

Field Engineer

Our engineers facilitate the configuration, deployment and testing of foundation technologies through acquired technical skill, knowledge and hands on capability. The primary value in this role is to ensure the client receives an unrivaled level of service to instill confidence in the capabilities of Touchbase, which can then be leveraged to further develop the client relationship. Working both alone and part of a core team, the role offers a diverse experience and requires absolute delivery working under various conditions, often unsupervised. Our Field Engineers are responsible for the technical assurance from installation through to go live.

Support Specialist

The key role of a Support Specialist is to develop high value and specialist skills around the technologies chosen by Touchbase and to support the Client Teams in all aspects of supporting a solution. The role involves participating in the creation of market leading support propositions around Unified Communications for the Client Teams to take to market. Formulating and managing partnerships with third parties in order to provide support for the organization’s chosen technologies, also falls under the remit of this role. The Support Specialist is also expected to ensure that the highest level of accreditation possible is achieved with the strategic vendors chosen by Touchbase.

Support Engineer

Support Engineers ensure that clients achieve maximum utilization of their technologies by offering unrivaled levels of technical expertise through an understanding of the business environment in which they work. The primary value of this role is to facilitate all aspects of remote and on-site solution support, advice and consultation from fault resolution to system enhancements. As a first point of contact, the role necessitates a professional manner to reassure the client whilst demonstrating an uncompromising level of commitment to resolving the issues within the time frame of the Service Level Agreement. Delivery is key to the support role and is an obsession for both internal and external clients.