About Us

Touchbase was established in 1992 in London and has since grown to encompass operations across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. From inception its focus has been to help companies improve the way in which they communicate. We do this through helping our clients leverage modern technology to drive tangible business return across their organizations.

Primarily focused on services, Touchbase works with its clients to define their requirements and design the correct technical and service solution. Once defined and agreed with the client, Touchbase works to manage the implementation on a local, national or global basis and goes onto support the technology environment on an ongoing basis. Key to Touchbase’s support and managed service operation is the constant focus on optimizing the technology in line with the clients changing business environment.

To deliver a consistent and exceptional experience to clients, Touchbase has developed a set of methodologies across each of its core service disciplines – Discover, Design, Deliver & Optimize. These methodologies are drawn from 20 years of experience in designing, delivering and supporting technology projects across 60 countries. Whether engaged to help define business requirements, design a technical solution, implement a solution or support existing technology, these methodologies ensure that Touchbase delivers on its commitments every time.

Organizations of all sizes across multiple geographies engage Touchbase to assist them with their communications strategy, technology and operations. Whether a client has one site in an area local to Touchbase’s operations or 100’s of sites across many countries Touchbase helps them drive more return from their investment in technology.

Ultimately Touchbase succeeds or fails on its ability to meet its clients requirements. As a service company we are nothing without our clients so their satisfaction, willingness to continue working with us, and our ability to continue to add value, is fundamental to the survival and growth of the company.